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At Aerospaced, it’s been our principle, our obsession, from the beginning: to offer exceptionally crafted devices – leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of perfection – at prices everyone can afford.

In 2015, we took this journey home to the USA. Not only has bringing manufacturing stateside given us the opportunity to employ a hardworking team right here in our backyard, it’s allowed us to streamline our engineering process from the ground up. The result: feature-rich devices with the best build quality available.

 Our new products boast best-in-class components and functionalities, among them: aircraft-grade components machined to tolerances well within a human hair; distinctive grinding and shredding technologies fine-tuned for a variety of tastes; impeccably balanced grinding closures for smooth operation; high-strength Neodymium magnets for nearly airtight closure.

We started Aerospaced to offer an alternative – the best function, the best form, and the most unique experience. Now we’re here to make it a standard.